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PUG Shootout

 We recently joined the Vegas PUG, which is a group comprised of great photographers from the Las Vegas area.The annual shootout took place this January at Rhyolite  and the Slat Flats at Death Valley, which the later is at an elevation of approximately 280 ft. below sea level.It was a lot of ...
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Pet Expressions Photography

Rose Claire is a pet photographer at Pet Expressions Photography. She loves all of her dogs and cats that have been either adopted or found on the streets. Outside of it, she also helps the Animal Foundation on neutering and spaying straight cats. It's being a life long passion. Kudos to her!!Their ...
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Dani Gardner

 It was a lot of fun working with Dani and Kevin in this photo shoot. Kylee, the Labrador, enjoyed it just as much. They are one of those couples that are great together, where each one of them brings a different balance to life - making it all smooth.You can tell she will be a wonderful caring ...
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