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Grand Canyon Engagement – Rafael & Erica


Grandiose, magnificent! It is hard to describe with words, but the Grand Canyon is certainly a natural wonder. It puts into perspective the power of Mother Nature. Located in northern Arizona, and carved out by the Colorado River, the Canyon runs over 250 miles, has varied width that can reach up to 18 miles across, and is one mile deep.     

Erica & Rafael had seen this place before through photos, and they just imagined how amazing it would be to have Grand Canyon engagement photos – not yet knowing that their wish would soon turn into reality. Rafael set up everything and surprised Erica with the news, a couple of months before their trip to Las Vegas.

The high altitude of the Grand Canyon South Rim can make it pretty chilly, even during the fall. After a short hike, as we arrived, the whole area was covered in a huge cloud, bringing the temperature down. Erica & Rafael braved out every minute of our adventure with a big smile, excitement, and a lot of love to share. Erica even hiked wearing high heels. Real troupers!!

We love an adventure! Thank you both, and we wish you much happiness on your wedding!


Grand Canyon Engagement Rim Photo



Grand Canyon Engagement


Grand Canyon South Rim Engagement


Hiking in high heels



Grand Canyon South Rim Engagement



Grand Canyon Engagement Shoshone Point


Engagement Grand Canyon


Engagement Grand Canyon South Rim



Grand Canyon Engagement Photographer


Grand Canyon Engagement Photos


Engagement Edge of Grand Canyon








Engagement Romance in Ponderosa Pine Forest



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