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Private Estate Batman Themed Wedding – Aja & Craig


How far can you go with a little time, patience, creativity, and a hot glue gun? You can put together an awesome Batman-themed wedding. Ok, the help of friends will also go long ways.

Aja & Craig both work in the creative field and as Aja says; she is a serious DIYer. Once the wedding was scheduled, they knew they could put together a fun and meaningful event by blending their love for each other, Batman and creative things.

They opted to hold their wedding at a Las Vegas private estate. The grassy courtyard made a lovely location for their ceremony, while trees and bistro lights accentuated the reception area. Their kids, who were also part of the bridal party, joined the ceremony tying their hands together with a cord, as a symbol of love and commitment for one another. It’s an ancient tradition that is said to be the origin of the expression ‘tying the knot’’. Right after the ceremony, and ice-cream truck arrived on location to make kids and adults happy. 

Let’s get to all the handmade decor for the wedding. The flowers girls (Aja & Craig’s daughters), were wearing tutu’s made from leftover fabric from Aja’s veil and gown underskirt. Her black veil was made by one of her bridesmaids. The bouquets paper flowers were cut out of comic books, with purple, black and silver details and a feathery finish. The comics suitcases were made by Craig, who also painted some beautiful designs on the Batman signs. The warm lighting around the place, fans for the guests, signs, table decor, flowers, and much more, were all created by them and transported to Vegas from Colorado.

We had a blast being part of this fun and laid back celebration, so full of character. Here are some photos from the day.


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_001


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_002


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_003


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_004


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_005


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_006


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_007


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_008


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_009


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_010


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_011


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_012


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_013


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_014


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_015


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_016


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_017


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_018


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_019


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_020


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_021


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_022


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_023


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_024


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_025


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_026


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_027


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_028


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_029


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_030


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_031


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_033


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_034


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_035



Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_037


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_038


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_039


Batman_Wedding_Themed_Las Vegas_040


Event Planning & Design: Aja, Craig, and friends

Ceremony & Reception: Private Estate

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Aja

Videographer: David Waltz

Decor: Aja, Craig, and friends

Dj: Best of the Best

Officiant: Craig’s stepdad


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