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When I first spoke to Jenna, she mentioned they had it all lined up to have a wedding back home in Australia. After adding up all the costs, they realized they could do much more than having a one-day event. They decided for Las Vegas for their wedding, rented the 2810 Resort for three days, so family and friends also had a place to stay and hang out, and best of all, they got to travel throughout the US for one whole month after. The trip included visiting the East Coast, and a road trip down the Florida Keys.

It was an intimate wedding with close friends and family. Her sister walked her down the aisle for an emotional and touching ceremony. We drove to the Strip between the ceremony and reception for photos, and good laughs. The night ended with everyone taking a plunge in the pool. Here is a little from Jenna.

How did the two of you meet?

Josh and I met through work. But didn’t get along until he left.

Why did you choose Las Vegas/ The 2810 Resort?

We chose Vegas because we wanted to have fun with the whole experience and the venue was chosen because it was beautiful and could cater for everything.

We loved the idea of staying with our friends and family for a few days so we could spend time with them instead of just the usual couple of hours you get at a normal wedding. We wanted it all to be in the one place so no one had to worry about traveling from ceremony to reception and then back to there hotels again.

What was your inspiration for the day?

Inspiration was probably the venue. Just to use the natural beauty of it and enhance it.

Tell us about your favorite part of the day.

Our favorite part of the day was when we finally got to sit down and relax. Have a meal and drink with everyone.

Any advice to other couples planning a wedding in Vegas?

Do your research and if your planning it from overseas get a planner to help you. Saves you a lot of stress.

But also don’t restrict yourself to a hotel venue.

What were you looking for when choosing your photographer?

Again do a lot of research with your photographer.

Check out the work and if they’ve worked at the venue your booking even better.

Ask questions and recommendations from them about the venue.

Make sure your comfortable with them.

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Studio Inc

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