Michele & Pedro

 A little peek into Michele & Pedro post wedding photo shoot in Nelson, at Eldorado Canyon. The day started with preparations at the Flamingo, and post ceremony they headed to Nelson in their red convertible. Special thanks to Wagner (Michele's Brother) for playing the pilot :)Congratula ...
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Las Vegas Destination Wedding Fremont MGM

MGM Skyline Terrace Suite Photo Session – Alessandra & Sergio

 Wow, Alessandra and Sergio’s Las Vegas destination wedding was intense fun all the way! Their bridal party was invigorating and had lots of energy. During their post wedding Vegas experience, they became the main attraction of Fremont Street, as they danced away. We finished up the night cel ...
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Caesars Palace Venus Garden Wedding MGM Skyline

Venus Garden at Caesars Palace Wedding – Adriana & Ernie

 The proposal happened in Las Vegas, and so it only made sense to come back to the wedding capital of the world to tie the knot. The ceremony was held at the Venus Garden at Caesars Palace, followed by a tasty dinner at Trevi. Full of surprises all night long for their guests, the reception con ...
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Silverton Veil Pavilion Wedding – Latisha & Kelly

 Latisha and Kelly’s wedding was held on a delightful sunny day, surrounded by the rustic and inviting feel of the Silverton Casino and Lodge. The poolside ceremony was followed by reception at the Silverton Veil Pavilion, which features white antler chandeliers and purple uplight.  Their g ...
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Assayá & Marco

 Assayá & Marco literally eloped in Las Vegas. It was a surprise to family and friends, and the full wedding event is going to be held at a later date. So this was the ultimate romantic adventure.They met while playing poker in Switzerland, so we definitively wanted to incorporate this i ...
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