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Aline & Claudio


Meeting the love of your life at 13 is not very common, but easily heartwarming. Claudio moved to Aline’s small hometown with his parents, and the rest is history. Not only they stuck together through all of these years, but also went to college in the same town when time came. 

After completing their bachelor degree, both decided to go after and old dream that was still alive inside – medical school. In order for it to happen, they both needed to be accepted in the same city, in order to stay together. And as determined and dedicated as they are to their future and each other, they made it happen. They are currently studying hard several miles away from home

Aline & Claudio decided Las Vegas would be the perfect place to say their vows and make the ultimate commitment. Check out some images of their wedding photo session below.


Paris Las Vegas wedding Photo


bride glamour photo


bride groom hugging las vegas photo


Bellagio walkway wedding photo


paris las vegas bride laughing


Paris Las Vegas wedding couple picture


Bride groom walking bellagio fountains


candid wedding photo las vegas


bridal gown bellagio las vegas




bride beauty picture


Las Vegas Strip wedding picture


Planet hollywood wedding picture


las vegas sign bride groom laughing


bride blowing dice las vegas sign


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