Caesars Palace & Silverton Wedding – Marietta & Giuseppe

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Giuseppe had a crush on Marietta when he was a 7th grader, but destiny wouldn’t unite them until years later through Facebook, and formally at a friends get-together. They both see things in the same direction, are caring and affectionate – a great recipe for a lasting relationship.

The event planning started a little over a year before the wedding. The choice was a Las Vegas destination wedding. But a pleasant surprise came along the process – baby Penelope. She was only four months old at the time of the wedding. And although she may not remember it, she will have plenty of photos later to check it out. Both Marietta and Giuseppe already had kids, so they celebrated becoming one big family.

Marietta got ready at Caesars Palace, while daddy fed and dressed baby Penelope. The ceremony took place at Juno Garden at Caesars Palace. It was such an emotional moment for both of them, and all the kids were brought to the altar for a family blessing.

Following the ceremony, we headed to the Silverton Casino Veil Pavilion for the reception. After their grand entrance, they went straight into their first dance, which was played by Marietta’s son.

Marietta & Giuseppe – you two are wonderful, and we wish you the best always!

Let’s get to some of the photos from their day.


Caesars Palace Wedding Venus Garden


Wedding Ring Macro Photo


Mom and Baby Daughter Wedding Shoes



Bride Getting Ready at Caesars Palace


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_537


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_538


Las Vegas Wedding Photographer


Groom dressing up baby daughter


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_541


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_542


Groom Portraits Caesars palace Las Vegas


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_545


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_546


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_547


Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace



Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace


Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace


Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace


Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace


Juno Garden Wedding Ceremony Caesars Palace


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_555


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_556


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_557


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_558


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_559


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_561


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_562


Silverton Wedding Reception Veil Pavillion


Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_564



Caesars_Silverton_Wedding_Las Vegas_568



Bride and Groom Caesars Palace Wedding Juno Garden


Ceremony: Caesars Palace | Juno Garden

Reception: Silverton Casino

Florals: Caesars Palace